Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Printing my etching Hedgerow to hillside - the Wrekin

Once I have an image on my etching plate, this is how I ink and print it.  If I want another one, it is possible to go through the process again but the next print will not be exactly the same - it's hand printed so every print is unique.

 Etching a metal plate in copper sulphat

 Putting onto onto the plate - pressing it into the grooves with a piece of rubber

The metal plate is on a hotplate to make the ink looser and easier to wipe
 Wiping excess ink from the surface of the plate using paper (Yellow pages)

 Printing the etching plate on the press

 Peeling back the paper to check it has printed well
The final print From Hedgrow to hillside'

Many thanks to Graham Stubbs for taking the photos. 

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