Thursday, 20 April 2017

Tulips - inspired by the Netherlands

 watercolour sketch of tulips
 watercolour, ink and gouache study of tulips

 The plate - ready for etching

removing the ground from the plate to reveal the image etched into the plate

Three etchings hand printed from the plate using my etching press.  I've applied different coloured inks to create different final images.

More etchings - Shropshire landscape

 The Wrekin
 Shadows on the Wrekin
plate and print on the etching press

etchings - trees and shadows

 sketch of trees and shadows - late afternoon long shadows and winter trees

I then used diluted coffee and painted an image (based on this sketch) onto a piece of aluminium plate.   I rolled Baldwin's 'Big Ground' over the top and baked it all in the oven.   Then I put the plate in warm water and rubbed away the ground which was onto of the coffee. See below...

The image revealed on the plate!

Then I placed the plate in a mordant to etch the image into the metal.   See here some plates in the copper sulphate saline solution...

Then I inked up and printed the plates using my etching press.