Wednesday, 31 August 2016

'A is for Aber' printmaking exhibition 13-29 August 2016, Aberystwyth University Old College

I was glad that I managed to visit this lovely exhibition of mini printsand that two of mine were included.  A wide range of interesting and high quality original prints created with different processes e.g. etchings, linoprints, woodcut and lithography.

Sketching in the sunshine at Witley Court

Sketching in the hot sunshine at Witley Court, Shropshire.  The perfume from the lavender was fabulous.

Shropshire Hills - graphite study

Wolverhampton is close to the beautiful Shropshire hills.   This is from the top of the Long Mynd begind Church Stretton.

Out and about sketching this summer

The waterfall at Furnace, near Machynlleth, Wales.
I started by drawing with a white gell pen on the toned paper and then added gouache.

Sketched in a short dry spell between very, heavy rain.   We were camping in a field and were fine but 3 or 4 fields away from us the grass was totally under water.

There is an interesting mid-18th century charcoal iron furnace next to the waterfall and sometimes you can the the waterwheel in operation.