Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lilly etching

Lilly etching with collage (chine colle)

Walsall Leather Museum - etching of Keith Bryan's Saddlery

Sketching at Keith Bryan's Saddlery in Walsall led to my creating an etching of the workshop interior. It was an amazing, traditional workshop in an early Victorian building.  There was a real sense of history as well as intense activity as leather was cut, stitched and shaped into beautiful, gleaming saddles.  A fascinating place to visit and I fel that the traditional etching process complimented the activity well.

What do cats do all day? Sleeping, eat, washing and maybe a bit of climbing!

 ' Cat licking its paw'  another new linoprint.   A prelim to bedtime!

Lino cut cats!

I'm building up a small collection of blue linocut cats!  Sleeping, climbing, sleeping and sleeping zzzzzzz