Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Miniprint exhibition - Lahti, Finland

I'm very excited to have successfully got through the second juried stage of the Miniprint Finland 2014 /Graphic Artist Association of Lahti competition. 
800 applied in the first place and now 134 have been accepted for exhibition, including 7 other UK artists.  
The theme was infinity and I sent in some small etchings.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Vietnamese scooter riders and a tiger

 A watercolour study of some female, Vietnamese scooter riders.  The woman with the red helmet is wearing a face mask.  I might strengthen the colour of the mask, or of the background, to make it stand out more.

A study created using Pitt brush pens and watercolour with some graphite pencil used over the top in some places.
A pen/ink and watercolour sketch of a wooden, sculpture of a tiger outside a temple at a Cambodian monastery

Trying out some Pitt brush pens with watercolour

I've enjoyed trying out some new Pitt brush pens with watercolour.  The brush pen ink is permanent so doesn't disturb the watercolour.

Inside the temple - watercolour study with gold leaf

I loved the patterned floor, decorated walls, brightly coloured fabrics and the sunlit doorway - where I have applied some gold leaf.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Travel sketches from my recent trip to the Far East

First posting of 2014



Quick pen sketches from a small temple building at a Cambodian Monastery. Watercolour added later.   It was part of a small, quiet temple.   There was no-one in it when I looked inside.  Leaves blew into the open doorway adding to its deserted feeling.   The outside of the building was pale and worn with green shuttered windows.   Inside was a patterned, tiled floor and pillars and vividly decorated walls.  

When I went outside again, I could see a monk relaxing in a hammock.

For more on my trip see my travel blog 'Travels with my father'  http://onseaonland.blogspot.com