Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Printmaker's Cat - published in June 2015

The Printmaker's Cat - published by Mascot Media in June.  I have 6 of my prints in this new edition.  This is a sample of the text and a lino print of 'Cat licking its paw'.

Linda Nevill has loved printmaking since
she created her first etching 30 years
ago. “I’d admired a wide range of
printmakers since I studied History of Art at
the University of Edinburgh in the 1980s, and
eventually studied Fine Art Printmaking at the
University of Wolverhampton in 2004.”
Working from her Wolverhampton studio, she
enjoys the “physicality of the mark-making and
the excitement of the ‘reveal’ of printmaking”.
Linda employs a range of printmaking methods,
including etching, lino, collagraph and
monotype, and she has used most of these
when creating her cat prints.

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